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SuretyHR provides solid solutions that reduce your time, cost, and fiduciary responsibility of sponsoring a 401(k) plan.

Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan

Surety’s 401(k) Multiple Employer Plan (MEP) provides a cost-effect method for businesses, no matter the size, to have a retirement plan similar to that of large corporations.

With Surety, it’s more than providing you with a cost-effective plan, it’s about delivering a plan that saves you time while providing experience, knowledge, and a proven track record.

Let SuretyHR be your HR answer!

Outsourcing HR Tasks saves time and money. Contact SuretyHR today and we'll create a customized HR solution for your Ohio business

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Administrative Support

Allow Surety to ease the burden of administering your retirement plan and receive the support you need to meet required regulatory obligations. Surety’s MEP is audited annually by an independent firm and has an additional layer of fiduciary oversight. Our administration services will provide the following support:

  • Customized Plan Designs
  • Enrollment Assistance
  • Continuing Education
  • Distribution Processing
  • Investment Due Diligence
  • Plan Compliance
  • Testing Requirements
  • Annual Reporting / Record-keeping

What are the advantages of the MEP 401(k)?

  • It is easy. By joining our MEP, much of your administration work is done by another party.
  • It is inexpensive. The MEP provides straightforward, large-plan pricing regardless of your company’s size.
  • It eases your fiduciary burden. SuretyHR’s team of prudent experts reduce your fiduciary responsibilities and help you stay compliant.
  • It provides for your employees. Independent, no-commissions advice to balance your employee’s needs and risks.
  • It provides for YOU. Flexible plan design allows for maximum deferrals and tax deductions.
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