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Partnering with SuretyHR won’t force you to lose control over your employees. As a client and partner of SuretyHR, your company will continue to act as the worksite employer, retain supervision of your employees and management of your business. We take care of the administrative distractions so you can put your focus back where it matters.
Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) provide businesses of all sizes and industries different solutions for human resources, payroll, insurance, absence management and more. PEOs pay wages and taxes, assume liability for compliance with state and federal laws, as well as workers’ compensation. PEOs can also provide employee benefits such as health, life, dental and retirement plans that may be difficult for some Ohio employers to access affordably.
Most insurance carriers will continue coverage when working with SuretyHR. While many PEOs offer benefits, SuretyHR does not have a “one size fits all” approach – meaning you don’t have to utilize our benefits offerings to take advantage of other savings. Our team would be happy to perform a review of your current plans, and we can work with your preferred broker instead of trying to replace them.
Entering into a PEO agreement with SuretyHR should not affect an existing union contract or collective bargaining agreement, and will not make them invalid or non enforceable.
Yes. Your company should retain their workers’ compensation policy with the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation upon entering into a PEO contract. The amount of payroll reported under the company’s policy will depend on the type of PEO agreement with SuretyHR. If a company has all of their payroll reported under SuretyHR, the company will report $0 in payroll to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation.
Some PEOs are structured this way, but it is not our goal. We have a full staff of HR professionals and inside counsel, but you are not required to utilize those services. SuretyHR has large clients with their own robust HR departments who don’t require additional support, and we also serve smaller-to-midsize businesses that lean on our SuretyHR’s staff regularly. Whether it’s guidance on a termination or rewriting your job descriptions, our team is here to help with any HR needs you might have.
No. For many of the reasons stated above, a percentage of payroll is not the most transparent way to structure our fees. Every company has different needs, and this “baked-in” approach can be overkill. We show you your workers’ compensation premiums outright – then create a per employee, per pay administrative fee based on your needs. All clients will have access to the core services of our HR, Payroll, and Safety teams.
Yes, and the customer service experience will be far more than you’d expect from an average payroll provider. There’s no 800 number or generic email address when it comes to questions and concerns with your company’s payroll. You’ll have a dedicated payroll processor that will work closely with you, and you can reach out to them anytime with questions. This relationship also helps make the transition as smooth as possible when moving payroll to Surety. The software suite that we utilize is comparable to any other payroll processor in terms of reporting capabilities, onboarding assistance, time keeping options, etc.
You can access your paystubs and W-2s by clicking here. Please contact your employer to obtain contact information for login assistance.
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