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SuretyHR is part of the Spooner Risk Control family of companies. Spooner Inc (our TPA) and Spooner Medical Administrators (our MCO) both have long and storied histories of helping employers navigate the claimant-favoring, monopolistic Ohio workers’ compensation system. We’ve saved thousands of companies hundreds of thousands of dollars, with some even into the millions with our claims and program management. As Ohio BWC continued making changes to programs, eligibility and inflating administrative costs, we found that offering solutions for only our state-fund and self-insured clients wasn’t enough. Enter SuretyHR, our professional employer organization (PEO).

We began building the departments that would make up SuretyHR in 2015, with the addition of payroll services. By 2017, we had added in-house legal counsel, HR experts and additional support to our existing teams handling workers’ comp, safety, unemployment, and absence management. In September 2019, we were granted self-insured status by Ohio BWC, which greatly increased the amount of savings we could bring to our clients. Our controlled, organic growth initially focused on our existing clients that needed solutions outside of Ohio BWC, then branched out all over Ohio.

Imagine you could regain all of the time spent on processing payroll, managing benefit plans, employee relations and workers’ comp. Those employment-related diversions can drain profits, and SuretyHR was created to remove those obstacles from your bottom line. Manage your business, not your busy-ness with SuretyHR.

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