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Deductibles Create Even Bigger PEO Savings

Our SuretyHR customers already save tens of thousands each year on their workers’ comp premiums, thanks to our self-insured program. Did you know there are additional ways to save? If your company operates in other states where workers’ comp is an open market, you may have policies with deductibles. Similar to auto and home insurance, you share a bit more of the risk by paying the first dollars on a claim – and this reduces your annual premium. Since we have a detailed picture of your historical claims costs, we can even make recommendations on the deductible range that makes the most sense for your business.

Here’s an example:

Ohio BWC premium: 145,595

SuretyHR premium: 92,484

Surety HR premium with $5000 deductible: $79,536

Deductibles are per-claim, as they are in other property & casualty insurances, and can have an annual aggregate.  SuretyHR has the flexibility to find something that works for each individual customer.  If you’re interested in exploring the idea of deductibles as part of your self-insured plan with SuretyHR, reach out to Nathan Kenney at 440-249-5679. 

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