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Did You Miss the Last BWC (Ohio) True-Up Date?

BWC True-Up Deadlines

The deadline for this year’s BWC True-Up was August 15th, 2019. If you have missed that date or have not paid your outstanding balance by September 13th, 2019, that means that you are not eligible for the current 2019 and next year’s 2020 savings programs. 

If you have been eliminated from these programs for either reason list above, there is another option for employers to try and regain their eligibility for these programs. There is a one-time forgiveness document that you might be able to file for. 

The best thing for you to do if you are an Ohio employer who has missed these dates and are not eligible for these programs is to contact your third-party administrator and talk with them about your options going forward. 

Become a Self-Insured PTO 

At SuretyHR, we offer a self-insured PTO program for employers as an alternative option to save money on premiums.

Contact Us

If you missed these BWC True-Up deadlines and are stuck looking for a way to save money on your premiums, contact us today at SuretyHR and learn more about your options and how to become a self-insured PTO.

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