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5 Ohio Professional Employer Organization (PEO) Myths

A PEO is a professional employer organization, and it’s geared to help unburden employers in several different ways. This helps you control expenses on predictable transactional items, to help reduce risk and liability, make sure they’re complying with all the labor laws in the most important thing is they’re not spending time on all the administrative minutia of being an employer. 

Myth 1: I’ll lose control of my business

In fact, employers will gain more control of their business. As the business owner, you are the operational employer, and as the PEO, we are the administrative employer.

Myth 2: I’ll have to let go of my HR manager or team

We work in coordination with the HR directors HR managers give them more time to work on the strategic human resource processes other business instead of working on the boring administrative burdens.

Myth 3: My staff will be considered temporary

This is rooted from a common misconception that a PEO is the same as a stepping company or an employee leasing situation. PEO is a co-employer, and co-employing from the standpoint of payroll taxes so we can leverage benefits in our HR department to small employers.

Myth 4: I will lose the power to decide who gets hired and fired

The employer still ultimately maintains the last look at who they’re going to hire and fire and the right to hire and fire. We can train your supervisors on how to properly deal with progressive discipline and the best practices in the hiring process.

Myth 5: My employees won’t embrace the change

There’s not a whole lot of change to address for an employee. In our experience, the employees love the Fortune 500 style benefits that a PEO is bringing to the table. 

Don’t believe the myths you have heard about working with a PEO. Instead, let us prove to you how valuable SuretyHR can be for your business. If you have questions, contact us today!

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