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Ohio BWC Premiums: How to Save With Destination Excellence

Destination Excellence is a variety of programs that Ohio employers can take advantage of in addition to traditional group rating and group retrospective rating programs. These programs are designed to give Ohio employers as many savings on BWC premiums. 

There are many programs incorporated into Destination Excellence, but below are the most popular…

Most Popular Destination Excellence Programs:


  • Offers a 4% basic level and a 7% advance level discount on your premium. 
  • There are two hours of training initially and one hour of continuous training throughout the year.
  • 4% is for pre-employment drug testing, reasonable suspicion drug testing, and post-accident testing.
  • 7% discount is for all requirements with the 4% in addition to a random drug screening

Go Green

  •  This program is the easiest program to fulfill because all you need to do is pay your Ohio BWC invoice online instead of sending in a paper check.
  •  For this program, you receive a 1% discount.

Lapse Free

  •  If you do not miss any payments, you are eligible for this 1% discount program.

Industry Specific Safety Program

  •  Offers a 3% savings.
  •  Involves a full day of training.
  •  Requires a walk through with a member of the Safety and Hygiene Committee at the Bureau.

15k Medical Only Program

  •  Employer pays up to fifteen-thousand dollars in medical and pharmacy bills. 
  • If there’s a lost time claim for more than seven days, you’re no longer eligible to apply for this program. 

Safety Council

  •  Two levels of discounts each at 2%.
    •  2% savings for attending 10-12 performance meetings.
    •  2% savings for a 10% decrease in frequency/severity of claims

Transitional Work Place Bonus

  •  If you have an approved program through the Bureau, you may qualify for up to 10% discount.
  •  This will include returning employees to light duty.
  •  There is also a grant program you can sign up for. 

Destination Excellence Compatibility

Unfortunately, there are limits to the discount programs that you are eligible for depending on your current rating programs. 

If you’re experienced rated or base rated, as an employer, you can take advantage of all these destination excellence programs. 

If you are in a group experience rating, you can also take advantage of all of these programs except for the 2% discount for attending 10-12 performance meetings in the Safety Council program.
If you are in a group retrospective rating, you can only take advantage of the Safety Council (participation level only), Lapse Free, and Go Green discount programs.

If you are an Ohio employer are you are looking for ways to save on your Ohio BWC premiums, these are just a few of the many ways you can do so. If you want to learn more about these programs and other opportunities you may have for saving, contact us at SuretyHR today!

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