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I’m In a Self-Insured PEO – Why Am I Getting a Coverage Letter From BWC?

We’ve gotten a few questions lately regarding coverage letters sent out by Ohio BWC to our SuretyHR PEO clients. This can be confusing, so we want to help clear things up. While BWC does not effectively provide your workers’ comp coverage while in a self-insured PEO – you do keep your company’s policy open. Since no payroll is reported to that BWC policy, it results in a minimum premium due of $120 per year that you’ll need to pay to BWC.

It’s best to keep your policy open, in case you ever want to return to the state fund for any reason. It also allows our team to enroll that BWC policy in a savings program (like Group Rating or Group Retro), so that if you do exit our PEO, you’re not stuck paying sticker price on premiums. SuretyHR is one of the only self-insured PEOs in Ohio that is also connected to a Third Party Administrator (TPA) with access to BWC savings programs. This is why each year, our client services team sits down with you to discuss options for the coming year and determine what the best options are for your business. As far as providing proof of your workers’ comp coverage through SuretyHR, we will supply you with an updated coverage letter each year. If you have any additional questions about your coverage with us or your BWC policy, reach out to your client services representative.

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