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Outsourcing FMLA May Be the Break Your HR Department Needs Right Now

FMLA has been maligned by HR departments for years, not only because of the amount of work involved – but also the amount of expertise. Do you ever feel like your management team shouldn’t be the ones determining if a claim submitted actually qualifies? Throwing COVID-related leave into the mix didn’t help, either.

Private companies that employ at least 50 workers (within a 75 mile radius), and public employers regardless of size are required to offer FMLA – 12 weeks unpaid leave during a 12 month period. While many question its value, considering the leave is unpaid – it was put in place to protect the jobs of those experiencing one of the following conditions: 

  • Birth or adoption of a child
  • Care of a spouse, child or parent with a serious health condition
  • A serious health condition that renders the employee unable to complete their essential duties
  • A qualifying emergency related to a spouse, child or parent being on active military duty

Non-compliance not only puts you on the radar of the Department of Labor (which could result in major fines), but could also expose you to private lawsuits from disgruntled employees. We hear a lot of businesses say, “We just let employees take whatever they need.” Most of them don’t realize that not tracking or over-designating absences to FMLA creates different problems. 

FMLA can be very time consuming and frustrating – but SuretyHR can take it off your plate. The advantage of using our FMLA services it that we cut your HR department’s work down to completing just one piece of paper, plus tracking the usage. We will handle sending out the appropriate paperwork to employees, and our nurse case manager and in-house counsel will work together to handle the rest, including approving or denying claims. If you’re interested in outsourcing your FMLA management, please reach out to Brian Davis at 440-249-5260, ext: 107 for more info.

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