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Self-Insured PEO Safety Services in Ohio

Every self-insured Professional Employment Organization (PEO) should offer safety services to fortify and supplement an employer’s existing safety department, or provide services to act as their safety department if they don’t have one.

Performed by Safety Professionals:

  • On-site safety review
  • Proactive mock OSHA audit
  • Summarized private and confidential report of all findings and provide support to correct any concerns
  • 24-hour emergency telephone hotline for all OSHA/safety questions
  • Post-inspection abatement 
  • Informal conference representation 
  • Safety training

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If you want to learn more about the services your self-insured PEO should be offering to your Ohio business, or if you want to learn more about the safety services provided by SuretyHR, contact us today.

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