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PEO Management in Ohio

When we talk to prospects about SuretyHR, our self-insured Ohio PEO (professional employer organization), we get a lot of very different reactions – confusion, curiosity, blank stares and occasionally – a crossed-arm refusal to hear anything else about it. We knew when we began building our PEO management firm that several employers have a bad taste in their mouth about PEOs, usually after having (or hearing about) a bad experience. That’s one of the many reasons we sought out these opinions to help build our framework based on what employers feel does or does not work. 

The biggest thing we want to make clear is that we are not our competition. We don’t charge based on a percentage of payroll, baking everything together so that you’ll never really know how much you’re paying for any of our services. When employers are looking for some of the solutions that an Ohio PEO firm like ours can provide, they are not always looking to move all their employment-related needs under one umbrella. This is why larger, mature, and sophisticated companies have avoided entering into a PEO relationship. SuretyHR is a sister company of Spooner Incorporated – an unrivaled TPA and consulting firm with less than 2% client turnover. Because of this foundation, our focus is more on lowering workers’ comp premiums instead of bundling services that you may not need or want. It also means if and when you decide it’s time to exit the PEO, the process will be simple, because we’ll already have you enrolled in an Ohio BWC savings program like Group or Retro. You won’t be surprised by our fees, because outside of the comp premiums and the administrative fee – we don’t charge anything without a discussion and your approval. Every business has different needs, so SuretyHR is not a package, all-or-nothing deal. You choose what you’d like to take off your plate as an owner or HR manager. We offer HR consulting, benefits, retirement plans, recruiting, FMLA management and safety services for those who need them – but you’re not obligated to utilize or pay for them just to benefit from our self-insured workers’ comp rates.  

If your Ohio company is currently with a PEO, or you outsource payroll and would like to break away from Ohio BWC’s high premiums and numerous requirements (Program Enrollment, True-up, Premium Installments, MCOs, Training Requirements, etc.), it’s likely that SuretyHR has a solution that best fits your style and situation. We understand the idea of moving payroll processing to participate in a PEO isn’t something employers are eager to consider.  It is an obligation in the PEO world that we can’t circumvent, as this creates the co-employment relationship that allows you into our self-insured workers’ comp fund (with rates up to 50% lower than Ohio BWC premiums). Most businesses already outsource payroll processing to companies like ADP, Paychex, Paycor, etc. Moving your payroll won’t change much for you, and you may see at much as a five figure reduction in Ohio workers’ comp premiums as a result. 

The term “co-employment” also strikes fear into the heart of HR managers and owners. This is another way that SuretyHR differs from most PEOs. We have no desire to run your company and make decisions on your behalf. Unless you’re another PEO – your business probably doesn’t exist for the purpose of managing all the things mentioned above. You exist to create, to build, and to better the communities you serve. When that purpose gets mired in day-to-day compliance and red-tape, it becomes easy for your business to run you – instead of the other way around. 

The SuretyHR team would like to have a deeper discussion with your management team to determine if a PEO is a good fit for your business. Even if it turns out not to be – Surety’s sister company Spooner also has access to Group Rating and Group Retro programs for those that are better suited to stay in the Ohio BWC state fund. Start by completing a temporary authorization that allows us to request historical policy data from BWC, and we’ll reach out to you right away to discuss.

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