What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing Human Resources?

What are the benefits of outsourcing Human Resources? | Surety HR

Surety HR has partnered with Virteom to engage our customers about our services. In our video, Jacqui and Andy talk about the benefits of outsourcing HR rather than having an internal HR department or person dealing with employment-related distractions. Watch the video or read the transcription below!

There’s a Lot More to Human Resources (HR) Than People Think

HR is a broad term and a very broad discipline. It's not just simply hiring and firing people. There are many different disciplines including recruiting, wage/hour type situations, and compliance. Engaging in legal services is really outside of the course and scope of what a normal HR person would do. But for smaller employers, they often see the HR person take on this role. 

The value in outsourcing human resources is that it provides small and medium sized businesses all of those different disciplines for a fraction of what it would cost to do this internally. There's a lot of times where you don't know what you don't know, and different situations may arise that employers aren’t equipped to handle. 

Don’t Underestimate the School of Hard Knocks When It Comes to HR

We have seen a lot of different situations and we're able to kind of pull from our experiences and a vast array of professional knowledge (ranging from 401(k) to Workers’ Comp, Payroll, and more). Spooner Inc., itself, the parent company of Surety HR, and over time we've learned a lot just from the school hard knocks.

We've been there and we've lived it. We've got the experience to make sure that they small and medium businesses don’t fall into those costly pitfalls. Thing that fall under disciplines like litigation, compensation, compliance, and more. 

Companies save money internally while making sure all areas are covered, for the employer’s protection. So, you're not having to take that extra step to go to legal or compliance to fill in those gaps. Surety HR is a one-stop-shop where we can do it all for the employer.

HR Tools and Knowledge You Can’t Get Internally Become Easily Accessible

This document shows how employees who manage HR (or small business owners who wear that HR hat) can spend up to 24 hours a month trying to find out an answer to a major question they could easily get in seconds, right through Surety's HR support center platform. | Surety HR

This outlines all of the different things we cover for businesses if they work with Surety HR, namely the tools. Click the image to download the pdf. HR professionals are usually generalists and not really specific in a single area.

This document shows how employees who manage HR (or small business owners who wear that HR hat) can spend up to 24 hours a month trying to find out an answer to a major question they could easily get in seconds, right through Surety's HR support center platform. We can have this technology at their fingertips or you can research to grab templates, make sure that they're compliant, and come up with handbooks in all 50 states. It's just a really powerful platform. 

We look at it as a library where you can find and research different topics. You can ask questions with a ticketing system – where questions are answered by an HR professional within 24 hours. It keeps the track & archives the history of those tickets. You can go back and you don't have to ask someone the same question again – because don’t we all hate doing that?

The True Value of an HR Ticket System & Resource Center

A good example of a situation where our tools saved a company time and effort. A good number of our clients are in the manufacturing world. Let’s say, for instance, it’s getting towards the end of the year and they're going to be laying people off. They always do this because it's mandatory. You can learn answers to questions like, “Do they have to pay those people unemployment?” This is all tracked and ticketed within the Surety HR support center platform.

However, this isn’t just a library – it's just a tool. We have HR professionals assigned to each one of our clients so they can answer questions if and when those situations do come up.  You've got the 24-hour hotline, calling a live person, or within 24 hours you can ask the ticketing system with technology. You may even find the answer yourself in this in this library in the system ahead of time.

Outsourcing your human resources to a PEO like Surety HR leads to these benefits and more. You'll get that HR help desk system and get answers within 24 hours for any of your questions in addition to a library of readily available knowledge. 

If you're a small or medium business and are looking large-scale HR management, you can get economies-of-scale by working with Surety HR. Visit our Contact Us page to get in touch and get your HR needs taken care of!

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